Kitchen Staples

When eating healthy, there are a few items that are fixtures in my home. I call them my kitchen staples. These products will replace an array of items that maybe detremental to your health and environment.  The following items are must haves for a healthy lifestyle.

Coconut OilCoconut Oil


Balance Weight

Lowers Cholesterol

Fight off yeast and fungus

Moisturizes Hair and Skin

Nurtures the Thyroid

Where to find: Wholefoods, Publix Greenwise, Publix

Cost: $8-$12

Uses in the kitchen: sautéing vegetables, egg white omelets,

Other uses: moisturize hair and skin.  



Apple CiderBraggs Apple Cider Vinegar


Maintains the body’s PH

Cleans the lymphatic system

Breaks up mucous

Relieve Heartburn

Relieve Sunburn

Removes Stains from teeth

Where to Find: Wholefoods, Publix

Cost: $4.00



Olive OilOlive Oil


Lowers Cholesterol

Prevents Dry Skin and Hair

Fights Inflammation

Balance Weight

Improves Heart Health

Where to find: Everywhere (I purchase the Wholefoods Brand)

Cost: $8.00



Sea SaltSea Salt


Sodium intake is the same as table salt. However, the process in which sea salt is acquired is some what better than table salt. Sea salt is obtained through the evaporation of seawater. Unlike table salt, sea salt isn’t process. Therefore, it retains trace levels of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium (American Heart Association).

Where to find: Everywhere

Cost: $3.00 and up






I DO NOT use white sugar. I replaced white sugar with Agave Nectar. There are mixed reviews about the benefits of Agave Nectar. I find that it settles well in stomach. If you are diabetic, please use with caution.








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  • Melissa Johnson says:

    Wow…I didn’t know coconut oil was beneficial for the thyroid, I have only used it to pre-wash my hair. I will definitely start using it in the kitchen too. I do have a thyroid malfunction of which I take medication for. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  • Hosting says:

    Hi Beth, Nice list of staples. Love all the photos you include- really helps me a lot. I also keep raisins, peanut butter, canned mushrooms, tuna, and evaporated milk. These are great to have on hand for emergency power outages in winter or just too pooped to cook.

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